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In General

Work on updating this site began 20 July 2012.  Please e-mail Tom Yoset if you have comments, requests, specific questions, or suggestions for additions.  Thank you.

Last revised January 2013.

Page revised to add links to other every-name indexes. Sketches from the cited sources will be added upon request.

Last revised on 30 November 2012.

A rudimentary guide to cemetery locations, indexes, etc., has been started.  Additions and corrections would be welcomed.

Last revised on 30 December 2012.

The 1840 U.S. Census of Pensioners, the 1870 U.S. Census mortality schedules (completing all of the federal mortality schedules), and the 1800 PA Septennial Census (the only one available for Crawford County) have been added; some work on indexing continues.

Last revised in 2014.

A link to free, on-line images of county probate records (Will Books, Register’s Dockets, Orphan’s Court Dockets, etd.) has been added.  Work on transcribing the earliest tax duplicates and all nineteenth century divorce cases continues (the latter completed through 1878).  Abstracts of Court of Quarter Sessions records (1800-1887) may be added.  County adoptions from 1890 to 1900 have been added, and the compilation is currently being extended to 1925, after which year the records are sealed.

Last revised in February 2014.

City and all township skeches appearing in the 1871-72 county directory, and county and all township sketches appearing in the 1874 county gazetteer have now been added, along with every-name indexes appearing nowhere else.  Sketches from an 1832 state gazetteer have also been added.  A composite index is being prepared.


Added in February 2013 (under development).

Military Affairs
Last revised in February 2013.

Opened in January 2013, with a concentration on resident Revolutionary War veterans.

Last revised in February 2014.

This section is being developed as a listing of geographical places, together with links to any pages dealing specifically with each place included.

Published Sources
Last revised in February 2014.

The Topical Index to Crawford County Genealogy, the journal of the Crawford County Genealogical Society, has been updated with available issues.

Vital Records
Last revised in 2012.

Additional Meadville death records may eventually be added.